Top 50 Photos of 2019

2019 was quite a year. Golf affords us the opportunity to meet the greatest people in the world and I was fortunate to spend time with some of the best. I haven’t posted much writing lately, but there are several major projects in the works. Expect a big announcement soon. In the meantime, I tried to pare 1000+ golf photos from the year down to my favorite 50. Thanks for visiting.

The Road to Heaven
The 6th at Anstruther GC. 9 perfect holes by Old Tom Morris.
The 7th at Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club on the Isle of Arran
The gate to the 1st tee at Dunaverty GC. Southend, Kintyre. Photo credit: Jake Hartsell
The 14th green at Cruden Bay GC, from the 9th fairway. The 15th tee sits above the beach.
The end of the day at The Secret Home of Golf. Sweetens Cove GC in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.
The 3rd hole at Covesea Links, between Lossiemouth and Hopeman. The surprise of the year.
Mount Zion. The 10th green at Dunaverty GC, near the Mull of Kintyre.
One of the great men in golf. Robbie Wilson (aka @linksrobbie) on the 3rd tee at Dunaverty.
The bell by the 7th green at Machrihanish. The great blind hole of the world.
The short par 3 9th at Covesea Links. If we had seen James Braid playing a match with Harry Vardon that afternoon, I wouldn’t have been surprised.
Hamish with the strike on the 16th at Machrihanish Dunes, late in the day.
The 16th at Cullen Links. An unforgettable round with the great George Clark. Photo Credit Kaylin Quinlivan.
Jake in a tight spot at Anstruther. How did we feel about the course? We played 45 holes that day….and seriously considered 9 more.
Prestwick GC, the first home of the Open Championship.
The 8th green at Cruden Bay GC. May this hole never change.
Tron Carter with the strike on the 9th at Sweetens Cove, as Birdie looks on.
The 18th fairway at Dunaverty must be shared with the locals.
The 7th at Fraserburgh GC. Yet another James Braid masterpiece. Special thanks to Adam Duncan for guiding us around on a tough day.
The 2nd green at Carradale GC, on the Kintyre peninsula. A wee stunner.
The 18th at Machrihanish. The original Secret Home of Golf.
The Mulligan Course at Ballyneal GC.
Some guys bench on the 3rd tee at Sweetens Cove.
The Full Scottish at the Kenmore Hotel.
Walking with Robbie Wilson at Dunaverty. Photo credit: Kaylin Quinlivan
The 5th at Sweetens Cove.
The Old
The 13th green at Dunaverty.
The Golf House Club, Elie. One of the holy places in golf.
The Professor, Kevin Moore, on his way to a 29 at Sweetens Cove. It was a joy to watch.
The 4th at Shiskine at Blackwaterfoot, Arran. This entire top 50 could be exclusively Shiskine, if I’m being honest.
Fraserburgh GC.
At Commonground GC in Denver, with perhaps my favorite pairing of the year including Joe Zwickl, DJ Piehowski, David Margolis and KVV. (not pictured) I hope DJ’s caddie got a big tip. She earned it.
It was pleasure spending the day at Ballyneal with my good friend Greg Milam (aka @_meelum_). The Mulligan Course was an unexpected highlight of the year.
With Tad King, Rob Collins and the irrepressible Paul Williams at the grand opening of The Miracle at Sea Palms GC. Sweetens GC will travel.
Dunaverty GC
The Alternate par 3 12th hole at Cruden Bay.
The 5th at Dunaverty.
With George Clark and Jake on the 15th tee at Cullen, sponsored by NLU.
Birdie the golf dog, on a cold day at Sweetens Cove.
Port Erroll, the 4th at Cruden Bay.
Rob Collins with the strike on 2 at Sweetens Cove.
The Ringer at The Dormie Club in Pinehurst, North Carolina.
The 6th green at Shiskine. The Shore Hole.
One of the great entry signs in golf.
The Punch Bowl hole of the world, the 4th green at Dunaverty.
The cask room at Springbank in Campbeltown.
The 6th at Covesea Links.
Approaching the 13th at Dunaverty. Photo credit: Kaylin Quinlivan
The 1st tee at Machrihanish.

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  1. Great shots Jim. You certainly know how to live life to it’s fullest. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

    1. Thank you your reading, Robbie. I am counting the days…literally. Can’t wait to get back to Kintyre and Arran this May and see you.

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